A Creative's Monday Mindset Newsletter

a newsletter by Tiffany M Ruffner

Mondays don't have to be mundane (boring, commonplace, and lacking excitement).

Years ago, I treasured in my heart that I would be grateful for Mondays, I begin to look at the day with optimism. I felt it was a day for a new opportunity because we start a new week and having the chance to change my mindset about Mondays.

Not only this, but we were all given talents that God has blessed us with and if you are reading this, today He has given you the gift of life, and you get to choose how you will use your breath (with thanksgiving and praise or with complaining, doubt, and negativity).

Let's choose to steward well our attitude and words.

This is the temporary side and we can store up our treasures by being joyful.

He has entrusted our minds (brains) to us. Our minds fosters our fruitfulness/productivity and it's really not about us; let's choose to glorify God and put on praise and thanksgiving DAILY to exhibit our love for Him and love for our neighbors.

In this newsletter we explore how we can, with wisdom be fruitful (productive) with our gifts in life, our workplaces/business and across media.

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